Employee Engagement

CB Financial believe Employee Engagement is about creating the right environment and culture within an organisation.   When companies have a great culture, their employees feel valued. They have a clear purpose in their role, and they are working in harmony with their colleagues towards a common goal. We advise ways you can improve your engagement, and provide a range of employee engagement services either directly, or indirectly through our affiliates.


Pension and Benefit Administration

Pension and Benefit administration may not seem that exciting. But when it's delivered well, it can save you time and money. Most importantly,...

Employee Benefits Portal

A report by the CIPD showed that 7 out of 10 companies needed to improve the communication of their Benefits. Our Employee Benefits...

Employee Engagement Survey

The first step to improving your company culture is to find out how your employees are feeling. Our Employee Engagement Survey will gain...

Financial Wellness

With a large amount of stress attributed to financial difficulties, a fresh approach is needed. Our Financial Wellness presentations are practical and easy...